Kinza Towel Review: Is It True What It Claims to Be?

Kinza Towel Review: Is It True What It Claims to Be?

February 23, 2022 Off By Sophie Tang

There is no better way to treat your senses after a long day’s work than wrapping yourself inside a clean and soft towel after an invigorating and relaxing bath in the comforts of your own home. While others think that the bath itself is what matters the most, the quality of the towel you use should also be considered if you wish to have that relaxed feeling after a tiring and stressful day. 

It follows that if the towel you use does not dry you off or feels rough, then you might want to consider trying out better options. 

If you are quite unsure of the things you should look for in a towel or you are uncertain whether it’ll hold up over the course of time, then you would most likely have a hard time going through a wide range of options and can still end up buying the wrong towel for you. 

Luckily, we will tick one distinguishable option off of your list as we look deeper into the Kinza towels and see whether the product is worth the hype and your money. 

Choosing Your Towels

Looking for the right towel can be very complex but besides that, it is, more often than not, based on your personal preferences and your budget. However, If we are to choose the best towels, we look into their quality and whether it does the job it is meant to do. 

Hence, we are considering the following major points in choosing the right towel to purchase. 


We want our towels to hold up over a reasonable period. It should be able to withstand constant usage and frequent laundering. A towel should possess this characteristic as no one likes their towel to be easily worn out after a few months.


A towel should be able to perform its sole purpose of absorbing the water from your body. If a towel is not absorbent at all, it is a strong indication that you need to consider replacing it with a more absorbent one. 


Everyone needs a towel to wipe their body and face. Hence, it is important that a towel should be soft enough to use for your face and body. You do not want a towel that is as rough as sandpaper which can most likely damage your skin over time. 

You need to take note that these characteristics of a towel vary from one person to another, based on their preferences. 

As the consumer, you should listen to your body signals and choose the best towel that suits your lifestyle and liking. 

Kinza Towels: A Spa Luxury Quality

Kinza is a brand of towels that claims to be the world’s leading spa luxury towel. They believed that a cozy shower at the end of the day holds great significance that impacts our health, social relationships, and aspirations. 

They aim to provide an invigorating spa experience for everyone at the comfort of their showers every day. 

The company materialized after days of experimentation and crafting and was launched online. It is dedicated to creating comfortable towels and since then, it’s considered to be the pioneer of the growing industry of luxury towels which is loved by many, couples and families alike. 

What Are Kinza Towels Made Of?

Kinza towels are the perfect set of bath sheets that are made out of 100{43e24c17a32e7fc07d50926912450caa33120ce027330147946eda9c8c853cea} Mōsō Bamboo material which is responsible for giving the consumers the ultimate spa experience without actually going to any spas and recreational establishments. 

The Mōsō Bamboo material is considered to be softer than Egyptian cotton or any cotton material which sets itself apart from all other towel brands, giving the best bath experience to anyone who uses it. 

The Mōsō Bamboo material also eliminates growing bacteria by 99{43e24c17a32e7fc07d50926912450caa33120ce027330147946eda9c8c853cea} and gives you the reassurance you need, that you are using a towel that is not contaminated by any strains of bacteria which can further cause skin irritation. 

With that said, Kinza towels with Mōsō Bamboo material, are perfect for individuals with highly sensitive skin, even with babies due to their hypoallergenic properties. 

Customer Reviews 

We have gone through the long list of customers’ reviews over the internet and most of these reviews have positive regards for the product. Here are some of the positive comments from satisfied customers:

According to Alicenarcissa from Singapore, using the Kinza towels was the best towel experience, 

“Got these towels in Onyx, one of my favorite shades! Love the fact that these towels are so soft and comfortable.” 

She commended how completely fuss-free the product was, together with its anti-microbial and hypoallergenic qualities. 

“Definitely, the product offers you that taste of luxury, offering you that spa-like experience straight from the comforts of your home. Would totally recommend it!” She added. 

Erica Z., another satisfied customer, appreciated how luxurious the towel feels for daily use and said, “I love it! I love everything about it! From the packaging to the look and feel of the towels.” She also mentioned how sleek it looks when it’s hung in her bathroom. 

Finally, she commended how the material was so soft and absorbent. She pointed out these points as something very important to her and would highly recommend the product. 

Contrarily, a customer complains about a delay in delivery of the product but still commends how premium the quality of the towel is. “Pre-order came a little later but towels were worth the wait.”

Overall, the consumers rated the product with 4.9 stars out of 5 which signifies how premium the quality of this product is.

Kinza Towel Singapore

Final Verdict 

After an extensive review of Kinza towels, and taking into consideration all customers’ reviews from the internet, we can say that Kinza towels are worth every penny that comes out of your pocket. 

As Kinza towels use state-of-the-art technology and premium materials, their towel bundle set, which includes a bath towel, a hand towel, and a face towel, which costs $85 will definitely bring value to your own bathroom. 

The bundle comes with gift-friendly packaging, a free express delivery, and more than $80 savings compared to buying ala carte.

To get the most out of your purchase, use this code (JOY10) and get an exclusive 10{43e24c17a32e7fc07d50926912450caa33120ce027330147946eda9c8c853cea} discount today!