Heavenluxe Bed Sheets Review–Worth The Money?

Heavenluxe Bed Sheets Review–Worth The Money?

January 25, 2021 Off By Sophie Tang

When it comes to buying a new set of bedsheets, I always take time to research the product first. Many retailers are now adopting “green products,” which makes me skeptical since we’re not sure if they’re comfortable and won’t burn our wallet.

So, I managed to look up online about the best bed sheets this year and I’ve learnt about Heavenluxe Bed Sheets with a lot of positive reviews. I want to check it out for myself and thought of making a review about it to see whether or not their sheets are really worth the price. And here’s what I found out.

Before reading on, watch this video to check out what other’s has been talking about Heavenluxe, this is what trigger me to buy their brand in the first place.

What’s In The Box?

Before we take a look at what’s inside the Heavenluxe box, I’d like to commend the packaging itself. I was impressed with the simplicity and how clean the package was. The box looked elegant with the brand’s insignia printed in uppercase lettering at the center.

As I opened the box, you’ll also see a quote from Eleanor Roosevelt on the underside of the top flap while a silver ribbon with a printed name of the brand seals the sheets. This is the kind of packaging to look for if you want to gift someone with a set of bedsheets.

What Are Heavenluxe Bed Sheets Made Of And How Does It Feel?

I’ve been a fan of cotton sheets. However, I’ve learnt that 1kg of cotton requires up to 20,000 litres of water to grow–which can pose ecological consequences. So I’m glad that Heavenluxe Bed Sheets uses 100{43e24c17a32e7fc07d50926912450caa33120ce027330147946eda9c8c853cea} Austrian Tencel that is 500 times thinner than cotton.

Tencel sheets have been booming these days because it’s manufactured from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees which naturally provides a cooling effect. Plus, it’s odour resistant and moisture-wicking. What I love about Heavenluxe Bed Sheets the most is that it’s hypoallergenic and antibacterial which is suited for my sensitive skin.

Many reviews also mentioned that it’s ‘silky smooth’ and so I often think they’re exaggerating a bit. But once you unwrap the sheets from the box, they do feel buttery soft, breathable with a silky-smooth finish. And as I placed them on my bedroom, it felt light, durable, beyond comfortable and irresistibly soft–even after washing it– like a billowing cloud.

Do I Recommend Heavenluxe’s Bed Sheets?

The sheets cost around $400 which, to me, is a reasonable price for an online-only, direct-to-customer brand and especially if you’re looking for an authentic Tencel sheet. Moreover, Heavenluxe Bed Sheet Singapore also offers 30 days return policy (be sure to check out the terms & condition) and now comes with a variety of sizes and colours. So, are Heavenluxe Bed Sheets worth the investment?

Definitely yes, because not only does it make me catch my zzz’s better which reduces my stress and provides me with that cooling sensation, it’s also environmentally friendly. And as for someone who is concerned about the bedding industry’s impact on the environment, this is important to me.